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Meet Dr. Madeline

The Beginning 

As a competitive gymnast for over 15 years, I developed a strong sense of body awareness and a curiosity for movement sciences, physical therapy, and Pilates. Unlike many gymnasts who suffer from overuse injuries, burnout, and unimaginable pressure, my coach and family provided a supportive structure that allowed me to succeed and truly love the sport. My coach, a certified Pilates instructor, integrated traditional mat Pilates into our warm-ups and strength routines from the start. A combination of Pilates-based strength and a comprehensive coaching style protected me and my teammates from serious injury and led us to a prolonged participation in gymnastics. For this reason, it was only natural for me to turn the positive experience I had as an athlete into a career in physical therapy. 

The Present

After graduating from PT school, I took some well-deserved time off to travel to Thailand, Uganda, and New England. In November 2018, I packed up my car and headed west to Colorado. After working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic for over a year, I felt the constraints of working within insurance regulations. I provided the BEST care I could within 30 minutes, but it rarely felt like enough time. It was time to re-evaluate what was most important to me as a practioner. 

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The Future

AT THE CORE PHYSICAL THERAPY, LLC aims to provide a safe experience, both virtual and in-person, that focuses on quality of care and an individualized approach. I will become your teammate, coach, AND advocate on this journey.

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