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Introducing my newest online programs!

Untrap your Upper Traps

A 6-week guided program to re-train your movement patterns, improve your postural system, & eliminate nagging upper trap pain for good! This is program is perfect for you if you have a desk job, you hold tension in your shoulders, or if you constantly overuse your upper traps.

SI Joint on Point

This is a gentle, gradual, and progressive 3-phased program that aims to stabilize the pelvis for lasting relief of sacroiliac pain & dysfunction. An ideal program if you are hypermobile, pregnant, postpartum, or experience recurring low back pain due to SI joint dysfunction.

3rd Tri: Pilates Prep

Easy-to-follow 20 minute videos for weeks 30 through 37 of pregnancy. This program will keep you moving during a time when it is most difficult to move. All Pilates-based exercises are safe, gentle, and beneficial for labor & delivery. Each session also includes breathing & stretching.

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